Entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Wiltshire and I have come across many freelancers since I became self employed, most of whom have left full-time jobs to take the plunge, in order to give themselves the flexibility and job satisfaction of working for themselves. (Myself included)

But what is in it for your business? Of course the main benefit of hiring a freelancer is the money you will save, not only on recruitment and employment costs but because freelancers work on demand as needed, it means that businesses can pick and choose the talent they need when they need it, avoiding costly in house training.

Hiring a freelancer offers your business an enormous amount of flexibility and with payroll costs contributing to a huge chunk of your fixed costs, hiring a freelancer means you can convert those into variable costs.

The downside for us freelancers of course is that there is no holiday pay, sick pay or pension contributions and if we don’t work we don’t earn, however for an employer this can only be a positive!

And because most freelancers run their own businesses they have the same values as business owners, and are motivated and passionate about what they do.

So, if you’ve been thinking about recruiting for marketing support or someone to run your events, why not contact me to discuss how I could help you on a freelance basis?

Email: clare@stages.events