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Nothing beats an event as a way to connect with your target audience; promoting your products and services, raising the profile of your business and meeting people face to face can bring your brand to life and gives you the opportunity to build valuable relationships with your clients and contacts.
Some businesses however might find the prospect of hosting an event quite daunting, after all there is so much to consider! Choosing the right venue, attracting the right guests, not to mention the ever important world of social media.
The rise of social media has added a whole new dimension to event planning, gone are the days when paper invites and a jazzy theme were enough to sell your event, now you need to construct a social media strategy to support your event in order to ensure maximum exposure.

Once you have researched who you want to invite it is time to reach those people using all types of social media and email marketing. E-invites are a great way of tracking who has opened your email, whether they have forwarded it to a friend or engaged in any way. Add a #hashtag to your invite could start a trend on social media and help people interact and talk about your event.
Encourage your guests to engage with you on social media before, during and after the event, build up interest by tagging guests to your updates, share photographs of your planning, set up, and during the event using social media, facebook, twitter, linked in, pinterest, google+ and now periscope which allows you to share live videos of your event and promotes real time interaction.
You might want to consider other memorable ways to promote your brand at your event, and giving guests a reminder from the event such as an item of branded merchandise with your logo and a #hashtag will all help to build your brand.
However don’t forget that once your event has been and gone the key to achieving measurable results is to follow up and build on the relationships you have made with new connections. For any advice on how to run successful events and make the most of your budget, contact Clare Way at Stages Events on 01225 782453 or via www.stages.events Email: clare@stages.events Follow on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Periscope.

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