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As an experienced event planner based in Wiltshire, covering Bath and the surrounding area, I know that one of the most crucial decisions for any event is making sure that the venue is chosen correctly.

This can have a huge impact on the success or failure of your event.

One of the key considerations when picking the right venue is the location, deciding where your target audience are based and how far you think they will be willing to travel.

Then you need to look at how they are going to get there, if they will be using public transport are there good links to the venue? If they are driving is there adequate parking?

Should you consider a city centre location or somewhere out of town?

The facilities that the venue can offer will give you a good indication of whether your event should be placed there, do they have WiFi? disabled access? What are the catering and accommodation facilities like? Depending on the specifics of your event you may need to consider their conference facilities, bar area, sound systems, equipment hire, technical support, etc.

If you know the numbers it is important to make sure that the space will work; on the one hand you don’t want everyone squashed into a space too small but equally you don’t want people to feel they are swamped by a huge room and that not all of the guests have turned up! If you won’t know the exact numbers until nearer the time make sure you choose a space that is flexible and can be adapted to suit.

Always make sure that you visit the venue before you book, websites can be very deceptive and show the venue in a completely different light, or they could contain images that are out of date. Do they have a star rating? How do they rank on trip Advisor?

I would always advise trying out the catering facilities, visiting every public area of the venue that you and your guests will be using, even the toilets!

Do a walk through of the venue from where your guests will first arrive to when they leave, make sure there are opportunities for adequate signage if required, drop off points if needed, places for guests to leave their coats, etc.

Also find out what other events might be taking place in the venue alongside yours, if there is another event on the same day in another room, will this have any impact on yours?

And finally, it is really important to remember that whichever venue you choose for your event, will determine how people see your business. If the venue is a little bit tired and the staff are not up to scratch this will reflect directly on you.

If you need help choosing the right venue for your event, Stages Events can help. Give us a call and let our experienced staff make the difficult decisions for you.







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